So you have seen all the shows, heard all the claims, and now you want to become a paranormal investigator, then this is the DVD for you.

Hello and welcome to Chasing Ghost A Ghost Hunter’s Manual DVD 
Training Course. My name is Jeffrey Poe. I am a paranormal 
investigator, psychic medium, energy healer and demonologist.

In this DVD I will give you more than 25 years of my ghost hunting and intuitive knowledge on how to hold a proper ghost hunt. 
Having worked with many paranormal groups on countless cases as an intuitive investigator as well as psychic medium, I feel this is one of the best training courses on the market today.

This DVD was recorded live in 2011 in front of 23 of my students in an informal lecture style format and covers all areas of a standard 
paranormal investigation.

Some of the areas covered in this DVD are: talking to the clients, 
ethics, what you will need to bring, what to wear, what questions to 
ask as well as things you should never do during an investigation.

I lay it out step by step from the first talk to the clients all the way through equipment tear down.

So whether you are just getting started or a long time enthusiast, this is the training course for you.

Bonus CD - This CD contains all of the printable material from the DVD 
As well as printable logs for keeping track of the activity and cases.

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Chasing Ghost