Ghost Hunter Tours and Training Classes 

Ghost Hunter Tours

We offer Ghost tours at local haunted sites that are always full of activity and gives everyone a chance to not only test out all of the latest ghost hunting equipment but also a chance to do an investigation at a real haunted location with veteran investigators. Anyone that has ever wanted to go on a ghost hunt, here is your chance. 
You lead your team, You try all the equipment, You see the results

4 hour tour and investigation $75 per person

8 hour overnight tour and investigation $100 per person

Ghost Hunter Training Classes

We also offer a certified Ghost Hunter Training Classes. This is a hands-on 1 and/or 2 day course that will teach you everything you need to become a certified paranormal investigator. From talking to clients to what equipment you will need to get started,as well as how to use most of the equipment you have seen on the popular TV shows, all the way through going over the evidence you collected. This class is a must for anyone thinking of starting a ghost hunting group. After this course you will be totally prepared for anything that will come up over an investigation.
We provide a 1 or 2 day classroom training course along with a full 4-6 hour investigation at a haunted location with the 2 day course. 
You will do everything from set up all the way through going over the evidence to show us what you have found and if you believe it is paranormal or not and why. You will also receive a full investigating manual that covers everything we will go over in this course. If you are thinking of starting or already doing investigations this is a must take class. You will receive a certificate of completion after completing this course.  
(The certificate you will receive will depend on which course you take).

Our 1 day course is a basic outline of what you will need and questions to ask on a ghost hunt. It will also cover the use of some of the basic equipment used during an investigation. These are usually done on a Saturday and lasts about 6 hours.

Our 2 day course will go over the entire field of an investigation. We start with the basics and walk you all of the way through a full investigation. You will receive a full ghost hunters manual that covers everything we go over in the course as well as time to work with and learn to use all of the equipment you will use on an investigation.
This course is usually done on a Sat and Sun and includes a 4 hour ghost hunt.

1 day basics course $100 per person

2 day full course with ghost hunt $200 per person

Min of 3 per class Max 8 per class

For more information about classes and tours call
(317) 750 - 7392

Equipment you will train on
DVR systems
Digital thermometer
KII & Trifield meters
Night vision
Digital recorders
* This month special *
      $50 per person

      $75 per person