Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Research 

As an intuitive I have always been trying to prove my gifts as well as show proof of an afterlife as well as paranormal activity. I work with a team of paranormal researchers using my gifts to explore homes and properties to record, document and sometimes remove negative energies and spirits. We utilize the latest technology in paranormal equipment to collect and study data for our clients.

Here at Paranormal 911, Our first priority is finding the truth, be it just noise pipes, a settling house, deceased ex owner of the property, negative energy or spirit, and we do not charge a fee for the investigation. We only except donations to cover expenses such as gas, hotel and food.

Our investigations are private and confidential. We will never use names, addresses or give out any information without your consent. As a team we have decided to give the clients full discloser of anything we find and will do what ever we can to help find the answers to what is going on and why.

To start out we will do a phone interview to determine if a full investigation is necessary and if we need to proceed or not. If an investigation is needed we will set up a time for a walk through to get the lay of the land and to get interviews with all of the owners and witnesses. After that we will set up a time as soon as possible to do our investigation. A investigation can last from 1 hour through several night depending on the area to cover as well as how much activity is going on there. Most last about 6 hours, and our held in the evenings unless activity is focused in the day only. We ask that we have full access to the property at a time that no one will be there so there is no outside contamination and we can do an unbiased investigation for you the client.

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