Subliminal messages have been used for years to reprogram and change the unconscious minds. 
Now you can use the same type of program to give you the self-confidence you need.
If you can watch a 30-minute DVD every day for 30 days, or listen to a CD you can gain the confidence you desire to be a better you.


The DVD consists of beautiful photos inlaid with subliminal messages and soothing music along with subliminal hypnosis. 
These subliminal messages will reprogram and change your unconscious mind to live a more confident life.

The BONUS CD has the same hypnosis messages as the DVD embedded throughout the music. 
Listen to the CD when you cannot watch the DVD or play the CD before you go to bed and while 
sleeping for added results.

Some of the subliminal messages are: 
      I am confidentAchieve 
      Motivation & desire    Goals 
      Potential         Progress
      Success         Believe in yourself 

This program can be used by itself or with any other system to build confidence.

This DVD combines powerful visual and audio hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art 
digital recording technology.

Warning: DVDs contain flashing subliminal imagery. They are safe, but must not be used in a moving vehicle or if you suffer from epilepsy.

For best results use headphones.
Approximately 30 min.

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