I was lucky enough to experience IET with Mary Bannon - Poe this weekend and it was amazing!!!  I never felt healing as powerful as this and the all encompassing love that flows from Mary as well as from the angels is just beyond words!! If you have a chance to experience this wonderful healing technique don't hesitate!! Love you guys
Nikki Young
Terre Haute, In.

I received an Integrated Energy Therapy treatment from Mary Bannon - Poe.
Mary was able to help me release the limitations, restrictions, and fears that I had taken on throughout my life.
I have been trying to release them myself for at least a year but to no avail. I didn't realize just how bound I was until she started working on me.
The treatment was both emotionally and physically intense for me. Each area she worked on I could feel the weight lift right out of me.
The freedom brought tears to my eyes. The feeling of joy was over-powering as the energy rushed in and through these newly opened spaces.
The very structure of my body shifted with the progression of the treatment. 
My neck and shoulders realigned. My thyroid and throat had a sensation of being full and healthy. My voice even changed. My ribs and internal organs moved into place.
My pelvis that had been tilted and hip that was jammed for years now, which wouldn't respond to chiropractic treatment, moved into its rightful place.
The pain is completely gone. The healing  I received was nothing short of miraculous. More importantly to me than any of the physical healing is this new feeling of freedom.  I feel like I can finally be myself. I felt stuck before, and now I'm fearlessly moving forward with grace and speed.

Neil Prall
Divergent Truth Energetics

Jeff and Mary , www.goodjourneys.net, are the real deal.
Jeff’s extensive knowledge, experience in many metaphysical areas, Reiki healing, and focus are one of the strongest energies I have ever experienced. When doing a reading his approach is honest and direct. His healing abilities are unusually strong.  
I listen to everything he says.  In some cases it may not be what I want to hear but frankly, he’s never wrong! I truly believe Jeff is a Master.

Mary’s healing ability and her loving kindness can calm and open anyone. I have directly experienced her Reiki healing and distance healing treatment and it is powerful. Mary’s solid healing and psychic abilities and her loving heart must be experienced. Mary is my Healing Angel.

I hope everyone gets the opportunity to experience Good Journeys and word spreads rapidly for these two wonderful Healers.
Carol Doubler
Reiki Master - Teacher
Indianapolis, Indiana

First let me say what an honor it is to know both of you! You both influenced my life in so many ways. Each experience is more powerful than the last. I
feel myself growing more and more spiritual every day and I truly thank you both from the bottom of my heart.
You both give me a sense of clarity and strength and I can't begin to thank you enough for that. You are both so gifted.

Jeff's readings have been amazingly accurate. He  has a calm and soothing nature about him. I truly enjoy each and every session.

Mary's purity and effectiveness of her healing's are incredible.
It always leaves me feeling so calm, peaceful and renewed.
I also really enjoy their CD's. My favorite's are the Chakra Tuning and Reiki Healing.
I look forward to more spiritual enlightenment and growth with you both in the future.
Thanks for bringing so much love and light into this world.
Stacey Beeson
Noblesville, In

Jeff and Mary, I can not thank you enough for how much the two of you have helped me
along my spiritual journey. I have never found a place with such warm companionship until meeting the two of you. The sound healing therapy you guys offer really helps me to connect to the divine and clears away the fog from everyday annoyances. 

Jeff, you are absolutely amazing in the psychic realm with being able to guide individuals  towards their life path.

Mary, you are such a gentle healer it is outstanding how one session with you can take months of anxiety away! I don't know where I would be in my life right now without the guidance and love from the two of you.

Thank you
Casey Dye
Reiki Master- Teacher
Indianapolis, In

Jeff & Mary, It has been wonderful getting to know you and I truly appreciate the fantastic energy work you have done for me. 
I wish you all the best and I look forward to keeping in touch with you!
Lisa McDaniel

I had the pleasure of meeting Mary and Jeff and they are both wonderful people. 
I recieved a Reiki healing from them at a session which gave me some amazing results. My healing was for centering myself (my chakras) and releasing any 
negative energies or thoughts. The healing was a success and I achieved my 
goal of getting centered and balanced. In addition, I was then able to quantum jump 
into the future to verify my current path. This was the first time this has happened 
during a Reiki session for me. My energy levels were off the scales after this session. 
I would highly recommend them to anyone and they are very blessed with their abilities. Thank you Mary and Jeff.... can't wait for the next session!!! Love and Light ~~~~ 
Diva of Light.
Diana Macys-Staley
Nashville TN

 I just wanted to say what awesome people that Jeff and Mary are. Their pure heart and compassion for helping others shines through in their healing sessions. Just being around them is fun and uplifting. Jeff is a gifted intuitive and he's helped me relax through his CD's so that I can meditate. If I've ever had any questions, they're always there to help. Mary's ability to sense what you need before you even tell her is a true gift. Powerful healers! 
Rhonda Gaylord
Indianapolis, Indiana.

I thank God everyday that He lead me to Mary and Jeff. They have brought me through a very "foggy" period in my life. I was trying to fix everything myself and that wasn't working. I had lost sight of God, my faith and belief in myself. Then my wonderful massage therapist Jill mentioned Good Journeys at one of my appointments. She had a oneness blessing and mentioned how great she felt afterward. 

So, I thought what could it hurt, something has to give. I looked them up online. Investigated the IET. And a few weeks later there I was face to face with Mary and Jeff. Calm is what I felt as soon as they greeted me. My first IET session was amazing in so many ways. It drained/cleared me both physically,spiritually and emotionally. But inturn filled me with positive energy and has continued to build me back up in all the same areas. Mary,thanks to her calming energy and her connection with the angels, has given me back my faith, my connection to God, and a positive belief in myself and now a connection to His angels. 

I look forward to every meeting I have with these wonderful people and hope to carry on my journey for a long while with them. 

Thank you so much Mary and Jeff
Marion, Indiana

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